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Cash Sales Catastrophe… or… What Is The Worst And Almost Always
Asked Question, A State, Local, or Federal Revenue Officer,
And Will, Undoubtedly, Ask You?

Sterling C. Couch, III, CPA

I’m a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  I have been working for small business for almost forty years, primarily helping them with federal and state taxing and collection issues.  Over the years, through my firm, I have represented over 15,000 companies and individuals, mostly dealing with the IRS’s enforced collection division.  I have never worked for the IRS.

I’m a small business person, just like you.  As a CPA. I’ve recently I have noticed a massive increase in audit activity by federal, state, and local taxing agencies.  Most have been directed to small businesses, retail shops, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops.  Why?  Because small businesses are relatively easy targets and normally don’t have extensive financial resources to mount an effective defense.

This e-Book is a warning

Big and powerful forces are at work.  These agencies have buildings full of employees, paid by you, and cost to them is not an issue.  They effectively have unlimited budgets compared to us.

Have you ever been in a room, looked around, and realized that everyone there, except you, is being paid, at least partially, by you? And over half of them are not in your corner. They mean to do you harm.

I have.

That realization is what started me on this forty year quest to help and be an advocate for you, the small business person.  My goal in this e-Book is to provide information that will help you and your business survive in these very dangerous business waters.

There are great white sharks out there hunting you,
the small business person.

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