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Welcome To Tax Zapper

Very recently I have become aware of a major threat to the businesses I love and hold very dearly…  small businesses.  This Threat is so great that it could easily ruin your business, your life, and possibly your personal relationships.  The threat is coming from your government.  Your city, state, and federal agencies.

No, this is not some conspiracy theory where you are going to see black helicopters hovering over your place of business or home.

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Jail is not a fun place to be…

Protect Yourself, Your Family, Your Business

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Six Of The Secrets Revaled By Sterling’s e-Book 

Secret # 1

Revealed… Why cash sales suppression is such a big deal.  Find out why local, state, and federal agencies are so adamant on catching, as they refer to them, “Tax Cheats”.

Secret # 2

Revealed…  Why you should care.  Tax Zapper techniques are so widely used in retail, “Pocketing The Cash”, that revenue agencies assume you are “doing it”.  Guilty until proven innocent.  Find out what these agencies are looking for.  You may be under audit… now… and not even know it.

Secret # 3

Revealed… Why you will likely get caught if you are using Tax Zapper software.  Find out the secret reasons why, no matter how good you are, you will likely get caught.

Secret # 4

Revealed… Just how criminal is this?  Find out the ways local, state, and federal agencies are prosecuting retail businesses owners.  The results of recent criminal prosecutions.  The amount of recent  civil fines and penalties being imposed.  The amounts are staggering.

Secret # 5

Revealed…  The hidden threat from disgruntled employees.  Learn how a disgruntled employee can cause havoc with your business… In a very evil way.  Worse than sexual harassment or affair accusations.

Secret # 6

Revealed… How a dishonest employee can ruin your business by using Tax Zapper software.  You may not even know if anything is happening at all.  You may not even know what “Tax Zappers” are.   Have sales recently become a bit sluggish, but all the reporting looks proper?  It may be a dishonest employee. 

Sterling C. Couch, III, CPA

Sterling has been a Certified Public Accountant for almost 40 years serving the small business community.  Through his CPA firm he has helped over 15,000 small businesses, in almost every state, combat local, state and federal taxing and collections.  Sterling has worked extensively with the IRS’s enforced collection department.  Sterling has never worked for the IRS and brings a his unique perspective in dealing with collection issues.  Sterling is a small business person and operates small businesses just like you.  Sterling loves small businesses!  Click here for more about Sterling.

No Risk Guarantee

This e-Book is worth the $9.95.  This e-Book reveals what is secretly happening within the various alphabet agencies, FBI, DOJ, IRS, Homeland Security, and all the local and state departments of revenue.  If you have concerns, after reading my e-Book, email me and I will gladly refund you payment. 


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